Hello, my name is Celeste and this is Tea Party for Cats!

What you’ll find on this blog are the snapshots in words and photos of my life…and the lives of the fuzzfaces that live with me.

So I live in Toronto and along the way, two cats managed to adopt me.

Yes, they adopted me. cat-1379688_1280

Missy actually belongs to my roommate’s sister but she’s decided that she prefers to live with us for most of the days in the month. She will make her way back and return home every now and then.

Our other non-owned cat is a neighbourhood stray that has taken a liking to us after we started stepping up where his owners wouldn’t. Anders is such a lovely animal. They both are.

I treat them like my children. If I could host tea parties for my cat friends, I would. I’m sure my roommate would help if I asked, but he gets too much amusement from my cat insanity to step in beyond kitty snuggles and kitty care.

That being said, you will find the following things on the website:

  • Cute cat pictures of both Anders and Missy
  • Recipes
  • Crafty Stuff
  • Tips and Tools as well as progress notes on Learning Japanese in Toronto
  • Special cat-related posts
  • Personal stuff, of course. 🙂

I hope to hear from you in the comments! Please click Home to get started reading the latest posts!


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